Laser Y axis Stuttering (no movement)

Machine: Custom Machine I am Building

Board: Cohesion3d Mini

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: I am currently building a laser cutter and got to the beginning faze of running it. as i was starting it up I have ran into a issue with my Y axis seemingly stuttering (not moving at all when jogging it). The X axis moves pretty okay, but the y doesn’t move at all. I have motor drivers for both x and y motors (the motors I am using are nema 17s). The motors top out at 1.5 amps is that not enough to move my setup (using a large sync belt that syncing with two smaller “driver” belts for the y axis across 48’’). My head is steering in the direction that I may need a nema 23 motor instead of the nema 17. Things I have tried is replacing the y motor, that didn’t help (with another nema 17 i have a nema 23 coming in the mail). The other thing I did was lower some of the acceleration and seek based on the post about having a larger laser, and that didn’t seem to help either. Please let me know what you may think this is, I will provide any/as much information that is needed.

I have a video of what is happening but it wont let me post it. Is there a place that I can post this so you can see what is happening?

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload photos. For videos, you can post it on YouTube or another site, then paste the link into a reply here.

Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring with the LaserBoard connected. We need to see how and where everything is connected.

Do you have the specs or model numbers for your stepper motors as well as for your stepper drivers?

Hello Starla,
Here are some pictures of my machine, the motherboard, the panel, the motor drivers, and the stepper motors. I will note that as of now my laser tube is not installed yet. I will upload my video to youtube to also help show the issue I am having. (will reply with the link once it is uploaded).
IMG_0362 IMG_0363


here is the link to what is happening.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the additional information.

These motors are rated at 1A Peak. You mentioned running them at 1.5A, but the the TB6600 model has a minimum current rating of 1.7A for the attached motors, so that would be over the max rating for that model. External drivers are not necessary to operate stepper motors this small.

If you connect the motors directly to the onboard driver screw terminals for the respective axes on the board, do you get better performance?


You’ll need to change your value in the configuration file for the alpha and beta currents to 0.707 RMS when using the onboard drivers. More info: Changing Stepper Motor Currents

As you mentioned, you would probably be better off getting a heftier motor, like the Nema23, for a build this size.

I just got a nema 23 in the mail and hooked it up and now the gantry works flawlessly. I am able to home and trace with not stuttering in the gantry.
thank you for your input i greatly appreciate it.
Have a great rest of your day,

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