Laser PSU is not kicking on?

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Machine: HX3040
Board: C3D LaserBoard
Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: I am trying to figure out how to connect my Laser PSU to the C3D LaserBoard. I was banking on this laser being a rip of a K40, but it’s even more bonkers.

I am hoping that I could just replace the wiring from the laser PSU and play connect the dots with it.
I am sure the 3 pin header on the bottom has something to do with Laser control
The majority of the green wires are from the secondary PSU that provides 24V, 5V, and GND(I’d rather use the brick that came with the Laser Board)

I did manage to get the steppers moving, so the controller is working, but right now the laser PSU won’t even kick its fan on :confused:

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

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I am limited to posting one photo at a time :confused: I thought more pictures would help.


Can we see all the pics of the machine, board, and wiring please? It’s easier to work fromwhat you’ve already done.

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