Laser Power Supply Connection to Laserboard

New 2-axis CNC laser build with new Cohesion3D Laserboard and Smoothie.

The external driver and x + 2Y motor setup went perfectly and quickly thanks to the driver cables offered.

But I am unsure about the connection between my laser power supply and the Cohesion 3D board.

The 6 pin connector on my Cloudray Power supply reads: H L P G IN 5V

I am planning on connecting the LASER FIRE pin on the laserboard to “H” and LASER GROUND to “G”

I see the Alternate PWM out on the Laserboard and I am not sure if it is prefered.

Thanks for your time, this board is brilliant!


Please read this and see if it helps:

You should connect L/ TL on the LPSU to the Laser Fire to the board and G to Laser Gnd on the LPSU.

Alternate PWM out on the LaserBoard is a backup for certain situations but not used in the way described above.

I wanted to get a “Hooking the LaserBoard to other LPSU’s article written up for you and this question, but was not able to do so yet”