Laser Power Supply Connecter Type

I have a K40 stock psu. I’m doing an upgrade to the machine to make it bigger. Because of this, I need to move the C3D mini further away than the cord that goes from the psu to the board can reach.

Does anyone know what type of connection that is in the picture? This is the part that plugs into the laser psu.

It’s a VH3.96 or a CH3.96 by JST.

You can also avoid the connector and run loose wire to screw terminals on the Mini. See the last pic in the C3D Mini install guide for the positions of 24v, Gnd, and L screw terminals.

Thank you. I know I can use screw terminals on the C3D. I am trying to avoid splicing wire together and wanted to redo the PSU side which it looks like is the CH3.96 version.

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