Laser power ma setting

Machine: K40 what controller it came with

Board: _Cohesion 3d

Firmware: _Smoothie


Problem/ Question: _FInally finished the rebuild of my k40 and all is working perfect, mods are auto z axis, cohesion 3d board extractor fan and air assist via optocoupler led lighting installed shorter exhaust ducting 3d printed
Does anyone now what should the amp metre on the cutter be set to I heard about 14ma and then just use the power settings in light burn for the different cuts
Any advice on this would be great like what ma should i set the dial to on the cutter

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

17-18mAh max to prolong tube life

Same here, 17 max

Awesome cheers

Thanks for the advice

depends on your tube it should say max power setting on the label set your gauge to that and use power settings in light burn

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