Laser not engraving properly

In have a 600x400 laser that came with a Nano M2 board.

Board: Cohesion 3D board

Firmware: _Smoothie changes made to enlarge area.

Problem/ not starting burn properly. Printing in place. Using lightburn SW

*image image image image image image

Machine: 600X400 china laser

Board: _ cohesion3d-laserboard/_

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _tried to change bed size - results displayed

Hi Don,

Thanks for providing images of your screens and configuration file. I have consolidated your posts so we can keep track of everything in one place.

If you have not already done so, we recommend reading our Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide.

Specifically, the section of this article regarding “Setup” will help you dial in your working area and machine origin. It looks like you have the origin set to the rear left. Typically, the origin should be set to the front left. Please advise if your setup is different (e.g. limit switches that are not in the rear left corner).

Also, on the Laser panel on the right, you have Start From “User Origin” selected. Try changing that to “Absolute Coordinates” and try again.

If you still experience issues, please let us know.

Thank you. I will try the new info tomorrow and see what happens.

Burned first image upside down.
Went to right hand side and will not respond.

Hi Don,

When you get a homing failure like you are experiencing, it usually means your home switches are not being read as expected.

First, please show us clear pictures of your machine, board, and how everything is wired up.

Next, please perform the tests in this guide and report back with the results for each run of the M119 commands so that we can see if the switches are functioning properly.

So i reflashed the card with the smoothiesoftware.

I reset thw config as show displayed!


This is what is hapening:

Head ends up in lower left hand corner. The spacing is wrong.

What ia next?

Using the frame button is shows the correct size. It also starts engraving at the bottom of the frame

Jog controls and home works properly.

Should job postion be changed?

Goto origingvfeom home moves head here

Hi Don,

This is great! We’ve made progress. We will focus on the spacing and other things in the next steps.

Home will always be where your endstop switches are and machine origin will always be 0,0 at the front left of the laser.

The location the head goes after a job runs can be set in LightBurn. Check the documentation on that here: Coordinates and Job Origin

Please let us know what happens when you perform the endstop tests. Click this link below:

What we are looking for is 3 clearly identified responses for the results:

“Here is the result of M119 when no switches are being depressed”
“Here is the result of M119 when the Z min switch is being depressed”
“Here is the result of M119 when the Z max switch is being depressed”

Post the results in a reply here so we can understand what the switches are doing.

There you go. M119 test

This is what the laser did,

Thia ia what it was set to do.

Hi Don,

I have been reviewing the images and information you sent.

We need to see pictures of your board, machine, and wiring in order to be able to help you diagnose and resolve your problem. I need to see inside the entire laser work area, the inside of your electronics compartment, and all of the wiring to the board / other components. If possible, post a video to YouTube and share the link here we can better understand the issue you are having.

When sending the requested images, we ask that you provide a screenshot from your computer versus cellphone images because it creates a moire pattern which makes them difficult to read. If you need directions for this, let me know and I’ll be happy to send them.

For the configuration file, I would like to look at the entire file to rule out any other possibilities, since you have a larger bed size.

To post the config file in a reply surround it with 3 backticks (the key at the top left of your keyboard where the tilde is) like so:

Paste your current config file here

(Alternatively, you may paste the config file to Pastebin, Dropbox, or Google Drive and provide the link here.)

In answers to your question about the config file. I reflashed the sd card with the download of softie from your site. I changed two paramaters the X and the Y 600 and 400 respectivly.