Laser no longer recognized by computer

Machine: 10-high

Board: Cohesion3D LaserBoard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Cohesion3D LaserBoard

Greetings all;

I purchased a 10-high 60 w laser. Replaced the board with a smoothie I purchased from Cohesion3d. I paid for a lightburn license. I swapped the boards & set up lightburn, the program found the laser without an issue. computer dinged when laser attached. Then I Designed for a bit, went to print…

now no connection - waiting for connection appears under laser window.

I have:

Went to device tab, try to get lightburn to find program and reconnect

replaced the usb cord

turned off laser, restarted computer and then turned on laser (and other combinations).
Tested the USB ports on the laptop - all work normally

computer no longer dings when laser gets connected with usb (with old and new cord)

went to settings and unchecked box about power save and usb ports.
I can turn the machine on and everything appears normal (little red light on the board is on)

I am concerned the Board needs to be replaced
out of Ideas, very frustrated - really hope its something obvious and I am foolish.
Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Update, on Lightburn forum suggestions was made to turn off laser and just connect to Smoothie card. Still no joy. USB on Computer works. There is a visible spark each time I plug the card in, could that have shorted out the usb on the bard? Really believe the card is faulty at this point.

It’s likely something was wired up wrong and the board may have been damaged in the process. Post some photos of how you had everything connected and I’ll take a quick look.

As far as the spark goes, a spark when connecting the power barrel jack is normal due to the big capacitors for the motor drivers charging. It won’t hurt anything but can be a little jarring.

I am a new user so It won’t let me upload pictures. I put them on my google drive, here is the link:
Appreciate the help!

Is there a chance you may have connected the 4-pin molex connector that goes to the power supply off by one pin, temporarily?

I checked, it is not but thanks for the idea

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