Laser Head location not matching screen

Machine: My setup is a home built laser cutter which was using the M2 Nano board

Board: replaced the M2 Nano board with a new Cohesion3d laser board

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with.

Problem/ Question: After reading I swear like a 100 post on this forum I just can’t seem to figure these questions written out below.
My setup is a home built laser cutter which I bought the Cohesion3d board and external stepper drivers to replace the M2 Nano board. I have separate power going to the new stepper drivers with Nema 17 motors. All worked fine before with just using the Nano board.
Question 1:
-My laser head will home correctly which is the back left corner. When I select the command “get position” in lightburn it says 0,600 which is correct. When I type in M119 it say X min:1 Y max:1 Z min:1 which is telling me that my endstops are working when its in the home position. But when I type in a specific location in lightburn for the laser head to move to using the “move to position” command it will not move to that location. It’s like the location of the laser head and the location requested on the screen don’t match up. An example of what happens is that I will home the laser which goes to the back left corner, then I tell the laser to move to like X 250,Y 250. It then moves straight down the X axis to the back right corner and stops, not moving at all on the Y axis. At first I thought that it stopped at the back right corner because that’s the length of my bed (I don’t have endstops on that side) so I tested it and changed the alpha max to half the length of my bed and it still went all the way to the back right corner…but like I said earlier it should have only went to X 250, Y 250. I also re-checked the machine settings in lightburn and the origin is set for the front left.
Question 2:
-If I try and do a test cut of just a simple circle about 200mm diameter and I specifically located the design in the middle of my table on the screen in lightburn the laser head will just move straight along the X axis almost to the back right corner again then it starts cutting. Well then what happens is since the laser head believes that its in the correct location it then bangs into the gantry along the X axis at the back of the machine because it’s trying to cut the full circle but can only go half way until the gantry collision. Even though it’s clearly marked out in lightburn that it should be starting approx. in the middle of my bed.
Question 3:
-when I try and jog the laser head using lightburn it moves in the correct directions which is great but only like 1mm at a time, even though off to the right of the jog or move commands it say to move 10mm.
Thank you for your help! Screen shots and pics shown below

Did you modify the Cohesion config file to match your laser’s bed size? You might also have to change steps in the config file for cohesion.

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