Laser Head Crashing into Gantry


(Starla Fox) #1

This can occur for a number of reasons, so review the following:

  1. Check that the endstop/limit switches are being read properly by using the M119 command in the LightBurn Console:
  2. Confirm that the endstop/limit switch cables are connected properly at each end and that none of the individual wires have come loose
  3. Ensure that your configuration file parameters and LightBurn dimensions are set up to match your bed in the below instances: Setting Up the Correct Bed Size
    a. If you have enlarged your bed parameters to garner slightly more workspace
    b. If you have done mods to extend your bed size in the machine
    c. If you have moved your controller into a new machine with a different bed size
    d. If you have enlarged your bed parameters and are switching between Smoothie and GRBL-LPC, or updating the firmware, it will default back and will need to be modified again
  4. Decrease the fast homing value in the config file. Try lowering to 100 or 50, until fine tuned
    alpha_fast_homing_rate_mm_s adjusts the speed in millimeters/second (X axis)
    beta_fast_homing_rate_mm_s adjusts the speed in millimeters/second (Y axis)
  5. For optical end stops, ensure that the sensor is clear of debris
  6. If your end stops are not stopping the job when triggered, also uncomment the limit switch parameters and set to true: alpha_limit_enable and beta_limit_enable
  7. Try working from Absolute Coordinates in LightBurn:
    Machine and Job Origin video:

Skipping and posoitioning "Out of Bounds"