Laser does not fire. EDIT (Solved)

Solved: It was simple. After I had installed the Cloudray mirror/lens mounts I aligned the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mirrors. It was as simple as not aligning the laser head alignment to the work surface. With the larger mirror and longer air assist tube the mirror was hitting the side of the tube. I am aligning it now. Hope that this helps some other person a bit.

I have a k40 with Cohesion3d board and current smoothie version.

I have had this setup running for several weeks with little to no issue. I recently received a Cloudray mirror and laser head setup. After installing and aligning these the board no longer fires the laser. The test fire button on the machine does fire the laser. I did not even lift the lid on the electronics to do this install. The machine runs as if completing the job, it moves the laser head, just no laser. The laser fire indicator on the board lights up when the laser should be firing (The red l.e.d. on the very corner).

I have read what I can on the forums and tried it to no avail. I updated the firmware as well as reverted to previous versions. Same result. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.