Laser disconnecting from computer, but only in certain parts of the bed

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Machine: Chinese Blue and White 80w 600x900

Board: Laser Board

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? Smoothie I believe?

Problem/ Question: Been lasering fine for quite a while, but now for some reason when I start a job, randomly near the start of the engrave my laptop will make the USB ‘disconnect’ and ‘reconnect’ sounds and the laser will stop and reset to home. Sometimes it will make those noises multiple times in a row. I have a laser that homes to the top-right, and interestingly it doesn’t do it if I do small jobs near the top right of my cutting bed.

My only thoughts are that there might be a wire loose or something that keeps getting jostled by the movement in those areas, but before I go tearing apart my laser I thought I’d see if there were any solutions here first.

The only settings I’ve edited in the files on the SD card right now is expanding my Y axis to 600 and to increase the amperage of my X and Y motors to 1.2. As I said before, this has all worked fine for me in the past, so they shouldn’t be an issue… And I have also tried a re-install of these files as well, as well as lowering the amps of the motors and the speed and acceleration. The issue also occures if I turn off my laser and just let the motors run through the job dry.

Here is my laser with green being a rough area that seems to be okay and red for when the issue has occured:

Any help would be appreciated!

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If it was working fine then stopped without you making any changes to the software I’m guessing it’s a hardware issue.
One thing that easy to check before tearing into things would be a different (hopefully shielded) USB cable.
I’m thinking it’s a bit strange that it appears to be an issue with both the X and y axis based on your picture though if it was just across one side on the bed it would be different.

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