Laser diode 5v ttl config

Machine: Eleksmaker, with an upgraded laser from ebay
“PWM/TTL 450nm 5W Blue Laser Engraving Module/Focusable Etcher Laser/Gift Goggles”
5 TTL signal input: 0V ON/5V OFF

6 Frequency for TTL control: 0-30KHz

Board: Cohesion3d

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: My laser uses a 5v TTL so I’m using that pin on the cohesion board. I was trying to use T2laser to shoot the laser / test the board swap but the laser was either completely on or off and wouldn’t let me control the power.

Is there a way to shoot the laser with Lightburn, I can’t seem to find it.

Lightburn doesn’t have a test fire functionality, no. My advice is to get the motion control working first, have it frame a square or something so you can be sure it does what you expect it to do, then actually cut the square into a piece of cardstock or paper or something.

In LightBurn if you go under the Edit menu to Device Settings you can enable the laser fire button which will then show up in the Move panel. (I believe this is disabled by default.)

Note that you can only set it to a max of 20% power for your laser.

(I have only used this with a C02 laser, not a diode laser, so I’m not sure if it will work for that.)


I stand corrected! I wonder what release that was added in.

Thanks for the input, I’ll test it out today and let you know if it works

The images show what was supposed to be engraved vs actual engraving.
I’ve had several successful burns and it’s done this twice where it goes diagonal or wrong all together.
Anyone know why?

Hi Patrick, what more can you tell us about this? Have you run this specific job successfully before, but it’s failed twice now?

Was the text created in LightBurn, or imported as a file? (If imported, was it a vector file, or a raster file, and was it a vector engrave or raster engrave?)

The text was all done with light burn, I believe it was raster, it did each letter line by line not a tracing.
I had not run that specific job but ran an almost identical one right before and it was flawless

I believe it did it once before with the images as well, almost like the Y axis went the wrong direction some times

I recalibrated my camera and did the alignment and it seemed spot on

Please show us pics of how you have the board wired up to your machine and set up - it would be good to see and verify this first.

I’m fairly certain it’s a software issue with lightburn or maybe a board issue but that seems unlikely as it is random.

Problem solved. the y axis was moving faster than it could with lead screws

Ah. Yeah, leadscrews are definitely a bit harder to accelerate and maintain high speeds with. It definitely looked like a motor was skipping steps.

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