Laser connection diagram, it will not fire

Machine: _ full spectrum laser_

Board: Cohesion3d LaserBoard v1.0

Firmware: _ "I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with!_

New RECi 80w laser
New LIGHTOBJECT 80/90w power supply

So after having weird connections on our power supply we ended up just buying a new laser tube and a new power supply from LIGHTOBJECT. Our laser was over 7 years old so it was probably time.

Its all hooked up and we can burn a hole in the paper with the test fire button, but I cannot get it to fire with light burn. (the red light on the cohesion 3d board turns on when firing but nothing fires)

I think I have it hooked up correctly

Laser fire => L
Laser Ground => G
Jumper between 5v and IN on power supply

What am I doing wrong?

for further troubleshooting I did the continuity test outlined in post:

I get no continuity when not firing or when its firing.

Ok I figured that out. Stupid error, I forgot to turn on the chiller. I guess you can test fire without the chiller.

Now my problem is when I turn the laser on (with door closed and chiller running) The laser fires full power. Not sure what I have hooked up wrong. It even does this when I have the laser connection from our cohesion3d board not hooked up.

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Please remove the yellow and brown L and GND wires from the LaserBoard and try the following things:

If you touch the 2 wires together, the laser should fire.

When you send this command, the red “Fire Status” LED in the corner of the board should turn on while the head moves: G1 X10 S1 F600

It actually turned out to be a bad power supply. If all I have connected is the water protection circuit with nothing else the laser fires.

Sending it back for an RMA and well see what happens with the new one.

It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun.

I know I am not sure whats going on.

I have built 2 cnc routers over they years and converted a Bridgeport Mill to cnc, with no real issues.
The laser conversion seemed like it would be a slam dunk. The laser got significantly less connections then a mill or router.

Hopefully the new power supply solves the last issue and we can get cutting.

Otherwise with the cohesion3d board and light burn the axis movement is supper zippy. Way better then the Fullspectrum board and software. Plus the dxf import works straight out of our cad software without having to open it up in another program and join all the lines together. Once its running it looks like it will be amazing.

It all works the new power supply works like it should.

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