Laser cleaning machine, large container for rust removal and cleaning in shipbuilding industry

As we all know, metal products will wrinkle during long-term use, and metal products are the basic materials in the fields of automobile, transportation, aerospace, etc. Every year, metal aging, corrosion and rusting occur in all industries, especially in the marine industry.

This is very important to extend the service life. Therefore, the traditional method has used sandblasting technology for treatment, and the advantages of ship cleaning technology are gradually emerging. Today, we will introduce a laser cleaning equipment for the hull - laser cleaning machine.

Compared with conventional cleaning technologies, the advantages of laser cleaning of ships are mainly reflected in:

(1) Non contact cleaning method, mechanical pressure and workpiece damage

(2) The portable operation method is flexible, and the spot size is adjustable, which is suitable for precise positioning of complex planar or curved parts.

(3) The cleaning process is highly controllable, which can meet the cleaning requirements of various pollutants

(4) Laser cleaning has certain surface modification effect, effectively prevents secondary oxidation, and improves surface mechanical properties

(5) The laser cleaning process has low noise and no dust, chemical reagent and other pollution.

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