Laser calibration

(Adrian Rietdijk) #1

I have just installed the C3D laser board in my K40 laser. Installation went without a hitch and everything seemed to work well until I started doing some serious projects. I found that the Y axis is well out of calibration. All vertical dimensions are about 15% too large. Is there some way I can calibrate the axis in the software or is there a setting that I am not aware of? I run Lightburn v 0.8.07. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Jamie Richards) #2

Hi Adrian,

Are you using the stock firmware? Have you changed any belts, pulleys or stepper motors? There are stepping settings in the configuration, but knowing other info will help in diagnosing the issue.

(Adrian Rietdijk) #3

Thanks for your reply. However, apart from installing the actual C3D laser board, I have not made any changes to the K40.

(Jamie Richards) #4

Did you happen to buy the screen or are you planning to switch the firmware to Grbl-LPC?

(Adrian Rietdijk) #5

I bought the screen. No intention to update further at this stage.


I’d recommend jogging around specified amounts like 100 or 200mm and measuring how much the head actually travels in each axis. Tape on the rail and a good ruler will be helpful to do this precisely.

Would also be good to see pics of your machine. Maybe it’s a “different” K40.

(Adrian Rietdijk) #7

Yes, good suggestion. I did that and found that, if I jog the machine via Lightburn, the Y axis is perfect but if I have a perfect circle on the screen I get an egg shape. All images are stretched in the vertical plane.I took several photos of my K40 but the system!


To be clear, are the distances traveled correct when you jog the X and the Y axes? You only mentioned the Y.

(Adrian Rietdijk) #9

Correct. I only mentioned the Y because that is the one that is giving me trouble. Both are correct when jogging.