Laser board and air assist ok K40

K40 with original Nano2

Now have a C3D laserboard and lightburn

Firmware: Smootihie.

Can anyone show examples of their setup to control air assist with a K40 and the laserboard? I have the 110v air pump and the noise is so annoying. I want it to turn on automatically when I start cutting.

Which relay can work off the laser board (I have the C3D power supply) and 110v pump?

Air assist control is explained here: LaserBoard Air Assist Control

If you do not want to wire your own relay or SSR, perhaps you could use this:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Simple and will save my head from exploding when that air pump is working.

This is the first time I have recommended that device to someone, so if you do end up getting it, please take lots of pics so we can make a guide about it :slight_smile:

Ping back to discuss wiring it if/ when you get it.

Oh. Ok. I already ordered it so if I read all the C3D and the info correctly it should work. I’ll take pictures and make sure to show how it works.

Over on the X-Carve forum we have a ton of people that use that Relay for spindle control. Seams to work well.

I hooked one of these up today to my Laserboard and it was extremely straight forward. Ran 2 wires from the air assist + & - to the relay + & - then plugged my 110v air pump up to the normally off plug on the relay. If a layer has air assist turned on in Lightburn the pump goes on and off if a layer doesn’t have air assist enabled. I’ll be doing some more testing in the coming days when my Lightobject air assist nozzle shows up so i’ll update this post if anything interesting happens.