Lack of power since upgrade to C3D

Hope you can help me with my issue.
I had a 50W machine with a M2 Nano board, all worked fine.
Machine has one of those digital power meter which seems useless.
I was able to cut wood using power=50 in the digital meter.

Few weeks ago I got myself a C3D mini and replaced the old m2 nano.
Now I can use a better software like Lightburn.
Anyway, my power is somehow gone.
The same wood I was cutting before, I’m not able to cut it anymore.
I’m not even able to cut soft plastics like gravoply, using 100% power from lightburn.

The tube is quite new, about two or three month, so I think it’s not the problem.
Maybe the problem is in the software? C3D settings? lightburn?

Hope you can help me cause I’ve run out of ideas.

Hi Wazzu, if you only have the digital meter, and do not have a potentiometer and analog ammeter it will be difficult to properly set the power that your laser is using.

We explain a bit more in this article why you really do want a potentiometer and analog ammeter.

Thanks, Pete.
I already have a analog ammeter… on my hand, literally.
Just need some time to install it :frowning:
Maybe this weekend I can finally have it installed, so next week I 'll be able to have real information about the power I’m using on my jobs

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