K40laser.se / Hawklaser.com gantry upgrade

are there more people who ordered something from k40laser.se / hawklaser.com who didn’t receive anything? I have ordered the gantry upgrade and some little bits and pieces, but i only got one reply on my emails. I am very patient, but this is not the way to run a business, in november he placed an update about the whole situation, but since then i didn’t hear anything.

I am curious if i am the only one, but i’m afraid that there are a lot of other people who are in the same situation.

He seems to have screwed a large number of people out of their hard earned money. I would investigate getting your money back through your bank, Credit card or paypal, depending how you paid.

Seems a lot in the FB groups I’m in are having or have had the same issue.

I did order mine in october, untill now nothing recieved.


@Benvn did you get any response from hawklaser ? He is ignoring my emails on all of his email adresses. I will give him a bit more time and then i will inform the ECC / european consumer centre (europees consumenten centrum)

Aan je naam te zien kom je net als ik uit Nederland, ik kwam er vorige week achter dat de ECC bestaat. Zij bemiddelen en geven juridische info in zaken tussen webshops en consumenten binnen europa.

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I Have loose 120 Euro too that guy, bought a gantry last year that never came ,

Lots of mail , but he never respond so now i have give up .

I Do not know whats happened , Just when he started the K40 LASER ,
the stuff i ordered always come quickly and he Always responds too mail
very quickly and good.

Little sad ,
I Think he can our Lovely K40 best of all .

Yesterday evening i had contact with HP from Hawklaser, tomorrow or friday there will be an update on his site.

I’m glad that there was contact at all, and i have good hope that everything will work out fine after all. :crossed_fingers: