K40 with M2 Nano. Converted to mechanical end stops. Need info on C3D end stop connections

K40 new machine.

Running M2 Nano

Using firmware that came with it.


I had a heck of a time getting my new K40 to home correctly. To make a long story short, I replaced the optical end stops with mechanicals and that solved the problem and it seems to be fine now.

The conversion was easy and I was able to remove the flat ribbon cable and wire each stepper and the end stops directly to the board. On the M2 Nano, there is a 5 pin connector that handles the X and Y end stop signals. The C3D board has the same type of connector and it looks like that’s where I should plug in the end stops. But I’m not sure which pins are which. There should be a gnd and signal for each of the X and Y and them an NC pin which isn’t used. Here are pics of my M2 Nan0, the wiring diagram that I used to connect the end stops to it, and the CD3D board.

If the pins are different on the C3D, it’s no big deal to swap them to the correct location in the plug. I just need to know where to put them. Thanks for any input, I’m getting ready to do the C3D upgrade and it’s gonna be nice to be able to use Lifghtburn!

Hi John,

Have a look at this post:

Then use M119 as shown here to verify that they are being read, and read correctly. 0 means not pressed and 1 means pressed:

Laser Head Crashing into Gantry?

In order to help you, I need to ask that you do this exactly as I say without jumping around on me.

After you do that, you can try jogging around using the Move buttons in LightBurn. If you still have issues jogging one of the axes, I will advise you on how to narrow down the issue.

Thanks for the info, that should do it.

I just checked, and those pin-outs are in the same order as the ones on the M2 Nano board, so it should just plug in and be good to go. I like being able to get rid of the flat cable and wiring everything direct.

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C3D and Lightburn installed. Everything seems to be working fine. Now it’s time to learn how to use this thing. LOL

I guess it’s off to Youtube for some tutorials.

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