K40 with LaserBoard, talking to Lightburn for the first time

(Dave) #1

Machine: K40, with significant mods

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Initial setup issue The systems are talking, but Lightburn is trying to home the system to bottom right ,and my home switches are top left. Where’s the setting for this?

(Dave) #2

I tried all four positions under origin but it always tries to home to lower right.

(Dave) #4

I tried changing the origin in the Device settings, but nothing changes.

(Chris Leitch) #5

Fancy letting us know what all the mods are or which ones interface with the control board?

Also pictures of the wiring are usually a great help if you’ve set the origin as per:

(Dave) #6

Better power supplies, new laser supply, nothing that should affect the motors.

As far as the motors are concerned, I unplugged the nano board and plugged in the Laserboard.
“Origin” in the second picture is currently set to top left.

(Cliff Bryans) #7

As per C3D instructions origin should be set to front left.
(The origin really is the front left. I know the homing switches are in the rear left. You're not special)

(Chris Leitch) #8

As Cliff said the article I linked explains:


Homing should move the head towards the switches, which on K40 are in the rear left. If all the motors and wiring are as they were stock, it should be a direct swap over to the LaserBoard.

Is it possible you have the X and Y motor wires crossed? Pictures of your wiring would really help.

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