K40 with Coheasion 3d board- Laser Not Firing (now)

Machine: K40 m2NANo

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _Laser not firing from Lightburn after a few hours of use. Installed the Coehsion 3d board without problems. Instlaled lightburn and everything worked fine. Installed mA meter(- terminal on meter to L- on powersupply, + terminal on meter to black wire running to end of laser tube) to the K10 and the laser stopped firing from Lifghtburn. K40 laser test switch fires the laser as well as the small red button on the power supply but not from Gcode or Lightburn.

I have tried taking the mA meter off and wired back to factory setup and no laser firing from LB, also addded a jumper on the Coheasion board from the G to the L, reloaded all LB software, powered on and off both computer and K40 mutiple times… Read many articals on how to correct this to no avail please help!_

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Ive done some further testing and followed the troubleshooting in this thread : Laser not firing - new laserboard
. Basically i have the same issue based on testing. NO continuity between the red and black wires (1 and 3 on the second green wire block on the laserboard) when idle, firing lightburn and Gcode commands(G1 X50 S0.1 F600), and lightburn running a sample cut.

The laser fires DOES fire correctly from the k40 when:

Im unable to upload photos due to access issue here. But look identical to the threads above. Would be happy upload if you can assist. Thank you!

You should have the trust level now to be able to post those pictures, will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much for providing the requested pictures (and for doing the tests you explained previously). Now that we have received the pictures, and everything looks fairly standard, I will be able to process a replacement board for you.

It appears I’m having the exact same issue with my board. I can test fire the laser from the control board and test button on the PSU, but when I try to run the gcode, Nadda! I tried reconnecting connectors, as they’re all crap from the factory, same results. Stupid me even fried the control panel board now so I can set the Ma anymore. They’re currently set to 12Ma, or I hope it’s still there. No way to tell now as all I get from the control panel screen is 2 red dots between the numbered areas where you’d see the % reading.

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