K40 w/mini board and air assist help

Machine: _k40

Board: cohesion3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _ i am using lightburn and want to utilize the automatic air assist. how do I wire it up to the board? I am not sure where on the board the output to my relay is. can anyone help with this?

Please see my reply here:

I think that this is above me. Maybe I need to think about getting the larger board that has the spot specified. Thanks for the help. Maybe I will just continue to manually do it for now.

What is it that you want to control, exactly?

Even with the new board there is still some wiring required and how much will depend on what type of device it is that you want to control.

Have a look at this post and topic:

I want to control the air assist and have it automatically start. I bought a I.O.T. relay to control the compressor but need the board to tell the relay to turn on the compressor. I do not understand going into the config files and such. I am just trying to find out if there is a confirmed spot on the board like the larder one that has air assist marked that I could just connect to the relay. I am learning the software and am very new to all of this. Thanks for the help.

Also that relay is the exact one I bought.

I have reviewed the default configurations we shipped with the C3D Mini, and it appears that the configuration for the fan is disabled by default:

First, you’d need to change that false to true in the config file.

Then you would need to connect the relay to the board in one of several possible ways.

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