K40 to m300 retro fit

Machine: K40 and universal m300 cabinet

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: smoothie

Problem/ Question:
I have a K40 that I upgraded to a cohesion3d laserboard. I got it running. I have an old universal laser cabinet that I wanted to retro fit the K40 into, it has a 12"x24" bed and manual bed adjustment. I swapped the laserboard in and hooked up the stepper motors to the laserboard (the steppers from universal not the K40) and I can manually jog the x and y without issue through lightburn but when I run a simple frame of a small square, it goes ridiculously fast and slams into the sides. I’m guessing it is a config issue in laserboard but I’m not sure what to edit. Anyone able to help? The Y stepper is a 2.2v DC 2.2a 0.9 degree. The X is a 2.4v 0.6a stepper. Thanks.

Please post pictures of the labels on the stepper motors as well as tall the wiring in the cabinet.

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