K40 now is a true 50w

I have installed a 50 w tube and a 60w psu made my own cooling system with a portable ice maker and two small radiators.works fantastic

Well done! Was there anything you encountered along the way that would prove useful to others who are looking to do a similar upgrade, or what it a pretty straightforward swap? Any modifications needed along the way, or any photos to show?

I will post pictures and a better description when I get home but there weren’t to many problems

The only problem was I had to move the first mirror evan with the extension box there was not enough room for the tube.at the same time I installed a ma meter.my cooling system is a cooler and an portable ice maker with two small pc radiators acting as a heat exchanger,just ran a second water pump i can run all day and never go over 20 degrees c and I don’t allow water temp to go below 15 c because of posable moisture build up on tube,the best part is all my burns are a nice brown and if needed I can cut 17 mm with no problem

I have actually planned on doing exactly this. Wish I had seen this before I ordered the parts. It sounds like I am already on the right trail, could you post a couple of photos of your set up please? No need for me to re-invent the wheel :slight_smile: Thanks!

Sure but not much to see the tube I installed is a 1000mm you have to move the first mirror so it fits i can send photos tomorrow if they will help