K40 No movement X, Y or Homing with Lightburn

** I found an old sd card and loaded the drivers/config file and started up the machine and it immediately homed**
I will keep you posted.

Machine: K40 with Ribbon Style Connector

Board: Cohesion 3D

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I installed the new C3D board today and I have zero movement for X, Y or Homing. The console confirms the commands were sent ok and acts like the commands are carried out but I get zero movement. Also intermittently I get a message from my win10 laptop that the USB device would not connect. Then after reconnecting the USB cable to both the board and my laptop I get that same message everytime.
I have confirmed and reconfirmed that my cables/ribbons are in the correct positions and that all ends on both the board as well as the laser machine are connected securely.

Also I noticed that this statement is true:
“VMOT and 3V3 on, L4 off, L2 and L3 blinking, L1 on.”

I did not receive an SD Card with my board when it arrived.

There should have been an SD card in a small hard plastic case wrapped in bubble wrap included with the board - if you still have the packaging look through it and see if you can find it.

The SD card is necessary for operation as that’s where the board’s config file lives. If the packaging is missing/gone for good/there really wasn’t one included then grab another SD card (has to be under 32GB), format it FAT and put the stock files back on it. They can be found here: https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/laserboard-firmware-config-stock-files-on-memory-card/

Already found an old one. I will keep you informed.


I would che k your USB cable as well. I’ve had problems with poor or bad cables in the past. Not just limited to Laser world.

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