K40 no motion

Machine: K40
Board: C3D Laserboard
Firmware: Smoothie

K40, been working fine. Recently upgraded to latest version of Lightburn because original install couldn’t be persuaded that it was licensed.

Now I can connect to the C3D card, but won’t home, move to origin, or move manually from the Moves tab. I can look at the console and see commands going out.

I think I’m missing L4 (SD card not recognized), but it’s kinda hard to tell since VMOT is so bright it dazzles both my eyes and my phone camera.1506efe13297d3b8ed3710bb7f7599a7c30cc32c_2_500x500

It feels like the steppers are energized and locked if I try to nudge them physically. Here’s a photo.

Oh, and I pulled the SD card and read it externally and looks fine. Don’t happen to have another card to load and try but one will be showing up from Amazon Thursday.

I seem to have the same thing. Looking at the console lightburn seems to connect but the busy bar is stuck at full green 100% but it does not progress past that. I did reflash the firmware as well to make sure there wasn’t some sort of issue there. Would upload the screenshot of the console but don’t seem to have permission for that.

I did get the SD card but haven’t had time to create a new one and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work once I try it I might just yank the entire thing out and drop in a Trocen DSP controller. Would give me local job storage, better Ethernet, etc.

Ok, idk what the deal is but when I push the top button on the board it seems to unfrack itself. I seem to have to do it after powering on the laser. A head-scratcher for sure but I will take it. Give that a try.

one last thing, I am a dumb ass. Didnt select the right profile when I setup the laser.

OK got mine figured out, but it’s weird. Pulled the SD card and can still read the files, and noticed the firmware file name had changed to firmware.cur. Renamed it back to firmware.bin, no joy. Replace the file with one freshly downloaded from Cohesion, no joy. Finally tried the new SD card I bought and it works fine! So on the original card somehow the file name changed spontaneously, plus the original card would work in my SD card reader but not the Laserboard. Weird, weird, weird.

The firmware filename changes from firmware.bin to firmware.cur once the microcontroller flashes itself with the image. It does this to avoid getting in a flash loop every time it boots.

First and foremost, if you have problems with the SD card the best thing to do is back up all the data on it and reformat it, then replace all the files. If that doesn’t work, replace the card. They’re finnicky.

Oh OK, that explains the filename issue. As far as fixing it, I never did reformat the original card, but replacing it did get me a new card plus a fresh format. Thanks!

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