K40+ new C3D Laserboard - before first power-up

Machine:K40, basic model

Board: C3D Laserboard (2019-August)

Firmware: New board - stock - (2019-August) (Smoothie?)

Problem/ Question: Have I aligned my connections properly - at least so that I won’t hurt anything on the board itself? I want to make sure nothing is reversed etc, for when I do the very first power up.


“To red laser + small fan”
Please read the notation on the pinout diagram - that 5v header is a logic signal only and not meant to drive any peripherals.

Please confirm what voltage are each of these peripherals meant to operate at?

Thank you.

The two lasers at 3-5v range (quite low) will be the only connections.

(Just realized the fans are 12v, so I’ll connect them right to the 12v power supply I have, so no worries there.)

Which pins should I be using to drive them, or should I just connect to a separate 5v power supply now.

Are you able to confirm that the rest of the connections are fine, and whether or not I can connect my red focus lasers to the board directly or not?

Please do not connect any additional peripherals to the LaserBoard.

You can use a separate small 5v power brick, or I have also seen people tap into the 5v output on the laser power supply for a small load like this.

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