K40 new C3D board installed. Won't home or jog. Chatters on power up

K40 laser engraver
Cohesion 3D
Firmware: _Smoothie.

Using Lightburn 0.9.04

Just installed a new C3D board. It’s wired as instructed. (white flat cable type. It replaced an M2 Nano board)

Some of thew e

Powered up as instructed. Lights on C3D seem fine, but when powered up, the head stays where it’s at and just chatters. It won’t jog in any direction and it keeps displaying errors.
I’ve checked a lot of info but can’t figure it out. (Tried to attach pic of error log, but can’t figure out how. There is no image icon in the menu)

Some of the errors are:

ALARM: Homing Fail
error: Alarm lock

Can you snap as many photos as possible of the board, all the wiring, even by the motors, switches and and such?

You can upload photos using this button. You can also drag and drop, plus copy and paste if it’s a pic that’s already online, like google photos, in a forum etc.

Thanks, Jamie!

I think I figured out the problem. I just have to figure out how to fix it. I sent the M119 command from Lightburn, and the X end-stop shows that it’s always engaged. The Y status changes whether engaged or not when I send the M119. They are optical switches. I’m gonna try to clean the X switch and see if I can get it to work. If the switch is bad, I might replace both of them with mechanical switches. They’re available for $5 at C3D.

I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks again!

Are you able to jog both the X and the Y and get clean motion?

And the other switch we have might be a better fit for this application, but we’re not there yet. I’d like to make sure you can jog both axes first.

As Jamie says, we need to see pics.

OK, here are some pics. I moved the head to engage the end stops and ran M119. Then moved the carriage to open the Y and ran M119, then the same with X. The X is always closed. Here are pics of the results. Plus pics of the wiring.

Oh yeah, the X jogs OK, but not the Y. It doesn’t jog at all.

John, check the Y axis plug. Some of the Nano boards had the yellow and white reversed. Look at the installation photos. should be red, blue, white, yellow. You can use a straight pin or something similar to swap the wires in the connector or cut connector off and use the screws.

I wonder if that could be part of the problem. The JST connector going into the C3D board is Red, Blue, Yellow, White. But the JST connector going into the Y end stop is Red, Blue, White, Yellow. It’s not hard to reverse one end or the other. I’ll wait for Cohesion 3D to reply before trying that.

Thanks for the info, Jim.

Wait! I just noticed something. The color sequence on my Y end stop JST is R, B, Y, W on the board end. But the red is on the end furthest from the outer edge of the board. In the installation pics on the C3D site, the red is closest to the outer edge of the board!

Gotta check on that. The plug only fits in one way.

Are you able to jog both the X and the Y and get clean motion?

No. X jogs OK, not the Y. Can’t get Y to jog at all.

Are we calling X and Y the same thing? X is left to right and Y is front to back.

When I hook up the K40 to Lightburn and initialize it, I can get the X (left and right) to move via the controls. When I try to jog the Y (front to back), it doesn’t do anything.

I think some of the confusion might be that it appears I have two issues. The first is that I’m pretty sure that I have a bad X-axis optical end stop. The other issue is that I can get the X to jog, but not the Y. I hope that clears up the issue.

With the board off, make sure the Y motor cable is fully plugged into the C3D board, and that all the wires are making pushed in, etc. and try jogging it again.

Can send a command from LB console such as G0 Y10 F600 and that should move it kind of slowly.

OK, I’ll try that.

I have ordered a mechanical end stop switch to replace the optical one on the X axis. The end stop wiring is handled by the flat cable. I’m assuming that you just run separate wires to the switch and plug them into the end stop connector on the C3D board. Is this correct. If not, is it difficult to upgrade the opticals with mechanical switches?

Thanks for your help!

If you found the white and yellow are incorrect then you had one of the Nano boards that had the pins on the Nano reversed. Swap the yellow and white on the connection to the laserboard and it should work correctly. It should find home and stop the noise. The 2 sets of coils in the stepper motor are fighting to figure out what to do. One set of coils is telling the motor to rotate one way and the other set ( being out of phase ) is saying to go the other direction. Normally as the controller sends pulses to the stepper motor, one set of coils is energized and makes the motor start to turn. The controller sends another pulse to the the second set that ( when in phase ) which pushes the rotation in the correct direction.

If you have a pin or something small and pointed, you unplug the connector from the Laserboard, look for the side that has the most metal showing. Now use the pin to push down on the metal closest to the end with the holes. You can pull slightly on the wire you are trying to get out. You should be able to remove the wire. Do that to the White and Yellow and reinstall them in the connector in the correct position. I will bet you a jelly donut that everything will start working. Just one of the many fun things that owning a chinese laser brings you !!
Flagfixer and laser fixer. . .

Hi Jim.

That didn’t do it. It only took a couple minutes and I was able to swap the white and yellow leads on the Y axis. No change. X-axis jogs fine in both directions. It won’t home (probably because of the bad X end stop), and it still chatters when I try to jog the Y axis.

I guess I’m gonna have to wait a few days until my mechanical end stop comes in and I can install it. Then I have to figure out why the Y won’t move but only chatters. It has been unplugged and reinserted several times. (with the power off) I don’t think it’s a connection issue.

Have you tried what C3D asked you to do? They have a set of troubleshooting steps that need to be followed, if you start doing other things it makes it really difficult for them to help you.

Yes, I have. But it’s still not working.

OK guys, I think it’s time to go back to square one.

This is a new machine that I had fully intended on upgrading with a C3D at some point. But after not being able to get it to work, I thought maybe I had a bad board. So I got the C3D. The problems continued. Adding the new board threw too many new variables into the mix.

I think I’m gonna reinstall the the M2 Nano and get it working before the upgrade. That’s the best course of action at this point,

Thanks for all or the input and help!