K40 lid safty switch

Hi I have a K40 that has a safety switch that activats to turn the laser off when open. My problem is the laser fires as soon as I close the lid without a jobs being started. It’s as if the test button is being pushed. I don’t have the knowledge to know if it’s a firmware problem or a hardware problem. Any help would be most helpful.

Hi, not sure if it’s the same problem, but on my K40, when I powered it up the laser would fire for a second even if the lid switch and “laser on” switch were both open. I fixed it by adding a relay to pull the wiper connection of the power level potentiometer to ground when the switch was open. This cured the unwanted firing, but still don’t understand why it tried to fire in the first place!

Hi Paul,

Can you post some photos of the power supply connections, LaserBoard and any wiring you can see? It sounds like the lid switch became in circuit/crossed to the firing pin, but I’d need to see the configuration.

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