K40 + Laserboard Y Axis Stalling

Machine: OMTech K40 (blue box)

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie (I assume, I didn’t change the LaserBoard firmware)

Problem/ Question:

Hey all! I got the LaserBoard for Christmas (you rock MIL!) and I am having some trouble these days with the Y Axis. I am not sure this is related to the LaserBoard but it only started happening after installation.

Lately I have been getting some occasional hitches in my Y axis movement and even more recently it has turned into every job it hitches in some form. Quite annoying.

I read the “How to tune your laserboard” article and tweaked the following values in hopes that it would do something in the way of slow the movement down and give it more power. It hasn’t seemed to help much or at all:

beta_current: 0.6 -> 1.0 # Y stepper motor current
beta_acceleration: 2500 -> 300 # mm/sec²

I recently replaced my Y axis stepper as well (with like kind, OMTech actually send me one) and the issue persists.

Any hunches or help would be greatly appreciated. I was in the middle of making party favors for my wedding this July so I’d love to get this fixed. If not I’ll be upgrading to a larger laser sooner than expected. :grimacing:


Stalling when moving up the Y axis:

Bent/Offset Y Axis Extension Rod:

Unexpected (to me at least) update:

The stepper (which again, is new from OM Tech) does the same thing even without any sort of load on it. I checked the wiring, it goes straight into the board, mounted just a few inches away.

Any help here would be really appreciated.

Video of it “skipping”/“stalling” with no belt or rod attached:


Any one have any idea why my stepper would occasionally stutter backwards even with out any load? I’ve tested three different steppers so it is not the stepper its self but something about the software or other hardware outside of the stepper.

Did you solve the issue? I encountered the same problem after trying to get a Comgrow rotary to work. Found a controller replacement (waiting to arrive) but am looking for the stepper.
So if you could do without one of your 3, I would take it.

Now that’s interesting. I tried a rotary (plugged into the A pins) and I think this only started happening afterwards. Did you fry your board some how?

I don’t need the replacement stepper (I actually was send two…) so I could send it to you if you are in the US and pay for shipping.

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