K40 laser board with LCD and no PC

Machine: M2Nano with digital power setting
Board: laser board
Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: I seem to remember the you can run gcode from the sd card using only the LCD. Is this true? In my case the LEDS are OK and the menus work. The status says “idle”. Does that mean not operational? In any case I can not get the head to move(jog or home) with no USB connection. Do I need to edit the configuration?

Can you take some photos of your controller (C3D) and GLCD adapter while making sure to get clear shots of the wiring?

Need to look things over first.

Two connectors and ribbon cable. The display adapter is working fine.

Well, this is embarrassing. I looked at the picture I took and the ribbon cable didn’t look like it was all the way in. I reinserted it and I am now a happy man.


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