K40 Laser begins firing as soon as machine is turned on

Machine: K40 with Digital Display and M2 Nano Board

Board: C3D LaserBoard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using what it came with.

Problem: Brand new K40 with digital display and M2 Nano board. I did a quick test of the stock setup and the machine powers up, auto homes to the top left, and I am able to test fire the laser.

I then installed the C3D board as described on the website by doing the following:

  • Hooked up X and Y connections
  • Plugged in 4 pin, which has G, L, 5V, and 24V
  • Plugged in endstop connector
  • Connected DC into board
  • Connected USB into board
  • Plugged in SD card the board came with
  • Plugged AC power supply for board into outlet.

Had K40, water pump, and C3D power supply plugged into a 3-way extension cord.

LED’s lit up as described on the website for normal operation.

Hooked the USB to my Mac with Lightburn. I was able to jog the X and Y and send the laser to home. Prepared a test job by drawing simple squares. 1 in each corner and 1 in the center. When I tried to run the job I got the message saying there was an issue with the USB (I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact wording). I tried to unplug the USB and reconnect it and tried to run the job a few more times with the same result.

GFI outlet tripped. I reset the outlet and have moved the water pump and K40 power to an outlet and the LaserBoard to a different outlet.

Now when I power on the laser it start firing immediately. Only way to stop this is to power off the machine or turn the power down to 0. I was able to jog the X and Y in Lightburn and send it back to home.

What’s interesting also is once I hook my computer up and have the board powered on I can hear a hissing from the laser tube. It continues even after I turn the machine off. It only stops if I unplug the DC cord from the board.

LEDs still light up as normal operation. No visible damage to board on front or back.

What am I missing here?

Please help me! I am at a loss and am confused what is happening.

I hooked up the M2 Nano board and it powers up normally. Homes to top left and I am able to test fire laser, but it does NOT begin firing on its own.

Red and black going into the 4 pin on the c3d board are for the red dot that came installed on the laser.

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