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I recently ordered my K40, and I’m looking at controller options. With the C3D, there seems to be a lot of nice extra features. Does anybody have photos of their K40 using the LCD with C3D? I’d like to see what it looks like, the website only shows a closeup, I want to see the whole thing.

After installing the C3D module, does the old control panel still work?


If you have a digital panel on your K40 we recommend you not wire it in and instead use a potentiometer and ammeter. You can connect and use it, but it’s not the ideal situation. Refer to the following KB article:

As far as the LCD goes, I don’t personally have one. There are a couple threads in the forum that have pictures of folks’ builds - I suggest you do a quick search on the forum and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have searched plenty. I found one thread where somebody did a vertical mount of the LCD, and 1000 threads of people with installation or reliability issues. Honestly, that search has made me question which controller I should go with. I’m leaning away from C3D between those search results, and what appears to be weak support on this forum (no offense intended, but I saw a lot of threads that timed out without receiving help).

The environment inside the K40 is pretty hostile, so a lot of folks have issues with the LCD because of EMI. Proper wire routing and some shielding can do wonders for reliability. Basically keep the HV lines away from everything else and you should have better luck. For an overview of the LCD and its workings, check out this article:

The board itself really is the best plug and play option for a K40. As far as support goes, it’s basically just me doing volunteer support and Ray, the owner, time permitting. I have a busy day job, and Ray’s busy running the rest of the company, so unfortunately support has suffered in the last few months. Rest assured though, with the number of these in the wild, most folks work out their configuration on their own and don’t need to contact support.

Why don’t community members reply? Are they unable to?

Community members reply. These last six months or so the community has been pretty light, though. I don’t have an answer as to why.

There’s an ethernet header on the board, is there a port setup/tested with the C3D?

There is, but it’s notorious for causing problems. If you hit the web interface during a job, often times the job will crash. Or the machine will crash randomly when it receives a discovery packet. It’s a smoothieware problem, unfortunately, so we don’t recommend populating it. If you search the forum there’s a post with a picture of the part you can find on Amazon that will work with the board, but I highly recommend against it.

It sounds like it may be resolved in the future?

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