K40 controller board question

Hello, I’ve been searching the posts here for an answer to this, but not finding anything… if it’s here, please let me know - but, in the meantime,

I’m shopping for my first K40 (on eBay) and want to add the C3D to it. I know the M2Nano is the usual board found, but in case there may be boards that the C3D could NOT replace, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a Chinese controller board that I should avoid?



We can make the board work in just about anything - the M2Nano is the easiest conversion, indeed, but this board will very likely replace any controller you find in a small to medium laser with a minimum of effort. (note that’s not to say it can’t replace the controller in larger machines too - it just might take a bit more messing around. :slight_smile: It’s a very versatile controller indeed).

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Great, thanks! Order inbound…

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I’m tempted to make a list of all the different makes/models of lasers that we’ve seen a Cohesion3D board put into. The K40 is definitely the most popular but I’m guessing we could create quite a list of others!

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