K40 Cohesion3d upgrade vs Fancy Lasers


I got this laser past Fall from a friend. My wife wants to use it for her small business. But she did not like it coz it doesnt have camera like Muse or other lasers like that.

I have am debating, buying Cohesion3d Laser Board with lightburn and camera or Muse 2d. I know there is a huge difference in price. But i am here to get feedback from people who were in same boat as me and went with Cohesion3d. What issues they ran into, what would have they done different. What are pro and cons of upgrade route?


Hi Jay,

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What type of controller do you currently have in your machine? Please review the Compatibility tab on the LaserBoard product page to see if your controller matches.

I got my K40 in 2018, did a considerable amount of comparison shopping, and decided to upgrade to the C3D Mini board. A big selling point for me was that the board is a plug and play installation. It was very easy to install and I used it for 2 years without issue until I upgraded to the LaserBoard last year. Same thing - it was a quick swap.

One of the great benefits for me was being able to use LightBurn, which also supports camera use. I originally got the 120° camera and it worked well, but the 140° camera works better with the K40 bed size. There are mounts and cable management kits available now which were still being created when I got mine, so I had fun editing and creating my own versions at the time.

You can put material on the bed, update the camera overlay, and place your design directly over where you want to burn. The camera calibration did take me a bit to figure out. Once I got a more stable gas strut for the K40 lid and covered the honeycomb bed with an 11 x 14" canvas (to prevent the camera from picking up the pattern), it went smoothly and I was able to get it within a fraction of a millimeter spot on for accuracy. To give a few examples, this comes in really handy for odd shaped items (like pocket knives, tags, etc.) that you want to personalize, or scrap pieces of leather / wood that you do not want to waste. So worth it!

Another great update came later with the Cluster firmware, which allowed me to run my machine faster than ever before. You can read more about that here: Improved Raster Speed Firmware Update for Cohesion3D Boards!

There are several options to expand upon the board later, like if you want to add a Z table or rotary - it’s very easy to hook up. I recently got a rotary and it took me a little while to dial in my steps per mm, but I was able to get it spot on.

There are other features and options that you may want to consider. Check out the Buyer’s Guide to see if there are any other considerations.

We are here to support you on the forum, which already has a wealth of information, and we are continuously updating our online documentation to help get you up and running as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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