K40 Board ID and power wrong

Machine: K40 with Nano board. Was using K40Whisper

Board:C3D laserboard running pre installed Smoothie and Lightburn control SW (purched order #17991) . All running on Windows 10.

Problem/ Question: On install Lightburn does not auto detect the board. On manual setup I do not see the Cohesion3d (smoothie) selection listed as shown in the install docs I’ve found. I selected Smoothie and it connects and controls the board. Is this correct???

I’ve set my power to max of 20ma (via stock MA gauge). When I set the % of power in the SW it does not give the proper power. ie - 50% should be 10ma but it is firing at 15ma. 25% should be 5ma, but to get 5ma I have to set percent at 2%. So where did I miss something? Is it a setting or is it related to my first question of not seeing the Cohesion3D board as an option.

Cross posted to the Lightburn board also.


Update: The lightburn SW install for the C3D board no longer shows “Cohension3D (Smoothieware)” in the install. It now simply reads “Smoothieware”.

Still no update on the power percent being off.

Can we use K40Whisper with cd3 ?

Smoothieware is now the standard setting. You can’t always go by the actual percentage because these power supplies are low grade and not capable of that kind of accuracy. You could attempt PWM frequency tuning, but it’s no guarantee it’ll be 100%.

K40 Whisperer is not currently capable of controlling the C3D. You need a program that can control Smoothieware, like LightBurn. Give it a try, it has a 30 day trial.

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