JST Ports on Board

Machine: K40

Board: Full-Size Cohesion3D

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I am trying to connect my 4A stepper motor for my homemade Z-Axis. I have the 4A External Stepper Driver purchased from Cohesion3D (https://cohesion3d.com/shop/peripherals/external-stepper-driver-4-amp/). The 6 wires that come from the External Stepper Driver according to documentation need to be connected to the JST-XH connector on the board (https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/laserboard-connecting-external-stepper-drivers/). However, I am unable to locate any JST-XH connectors that fit the ones on the board.



The ones C3D sells are out of stock, unfortunately. They’re JST PH 2.0mm pitch, not XH. :slight_smile:

These will fit:

Ah hah! Thank you!!

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