Issue with engraving

Machine: Custom 60W

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: Cluster

I’m using the latest version of lightburn on Windows 10 with the cluster firmware.

Everything works as expected until I try to engrave a picture, then for some reason my laser head just runs into the side for a bit then starts trying to engrave where ever. I moved the photo to the center of my bed and still got the same issue. I tried drawing a border around the photo and it burned the border correctly and then head went running into the side when it started engraving the photo.

They only way I found to get it to work correctly was to:
Power off the laserboard
Setup everything in lightburn
Power on the laserboard
Hit start in lightburn.

Does anyone have any ideas?
I posted this in the lightburn forum too but haven’t heard anything.

Probably a small object outside the photo that you can see with the previeuw

Please provide a full screenshot of your LightBurn Window (no cell phone pics please).

It does sound like your positioning is off due to one of several factors.
Are you homing?
Try doing a frame and see where the head goes. It might be an extraneous object in the design as Sjaak suggests.

I figured out what was happening, my acceleration was too high and the farther away from 0,0 I started the job the faster it tried to get there and then the motor was losing steps. I slowed everything down in the config and it is working as intended.

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