Is There an optimum distance from the bed to mount the Lightburn Camera?

Machine: k40 arduino

Board: C3D laser board

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I have the camera above the bed mounted with a frame I built. Is there an optimum distance it should be from the bed to get the best focus. If it is an HD camera, I can’t seem to get a sharp clear picture, even with manual focusing.

Hi Darrel,

Please see the following resources:

This notes the minimum distance each camera by lens size has to be above the bed (focal plane, tobe more exact) of the laser. We sell the 140 degree camera.

The camera is also manual focus, as you note, so first account for the distance above the bed, then try to turn the round lens portion of the camera to get it into focus.

Full setup info is in this video from LightBurn:

Thank you. After using the calculator it looks like I need the 90 or 80 degree lens. How do I tell what lens I currently have? When I ordered it I was not aware of the different lenses, plus my invoice does not say which one it is.
Thanks again

We specifically sell the 140 degree model.

What I was getting at was to mount it lower in your laser, using that height from the bed value as a reference.

Can you show pictures of your machine and how you have the camera mounted now?

There is some more info on our product page with examples of the different heights for machines:

This should help you see the setup for the camera. It is 290mm above the bed.
I can only do one image per post
Frame with camera in up position.

Frame with camera in down position.

Camera position with ruler.

From the camera product page:

On a typical 300 x 200 mm K40 laser using the 140 degree lens, divide 300 by 1.8, giving 167 mm above the bed, minimum, to see the whole thing.

So how much other stuff around the bed do you see in the camera view? The camera should mostly see the bed with just a little extra around the edges.

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