Is there a simple

Is there a simple yo follow list of some sorts that shows a few cost effective graphic displays that are compatible with the cohesion3d laserboard controller?

Hi Maddie,

The screen requires an adapter to connect it to the LaserBoard and this combo is specifically available from us. LaserBoards are getting restocked later today, and screens are in transit and should be here in another day or two unless something else goes wrong.

@ray thank you for the response.
However i am confused, please forgive this. But perhaps I didn’t ask it correctly. I was wondering if there are other types of displays that can be purchased and added to the c3d laserboard?

I am not sure if its called a dsp, or if the display is separate from the dsp. But basically just a really cool graphic display, instead of the typical boring one with a jog dial like on my 3d printer. Perferably something without the extraordinary additional cost such as the picture attached.

Or will I just have to ultimately wait and save it for when I plan to fully upgrade my k40 or purchase a larger in the future.

Ah, no. What you have pictured are proprietary systems - that whole thing is a DSP controller - both the control box (in the background) and the screen are tied to each other. Trocen and Ruida are popular ones and work with LightBurn also - you could make sure that your future large machine comes with one of those controllers.

@ray thank you that make sense to me now :slightly_smiling_face: I guess I will just have to wait until both the c3d laserboard are back in to fully connect the c3d camerabthat I’ve already ordered. As well once the the displays are back in stock I will be able to use that one. Then decide in the future which way to upgrade.

Being that I’ve only had my k40 up and running less then a week before its board went bad (the new replacement board came in today), I’ll have plenty of time to learn and understand more :laughing:

Thanks again for your patience and help
Madison Rae

PS any idea on when the c3d laserboard will be available for order again?

It’s still today :slight_smile:

I’m getting everything ready.

As promised…

Wonderful thanks very much. Unfortunately I missed the fb post by about an hour but without hesitation I immediately placed the order for the board. You have been a excellent help and I am excited for the arrival of both my orders when they arrive.

And screens are back in stock. Do you want me to just cancel your existing orders so you can order everything in one shot?

@Cohesion3D sorry I am 16 hours late. But thank you I am ok with my 2 orders for now. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks when I get paid you will still have them in stock. I am sure between what I ordered, my leather, my sewing, the LEDs, the 3d printer, along with the k40, and of course Emiko my Conure who is just as neurotic as me, i might just have enough to keep me busy … then again with me we just never know. Lol

But tbh and serious for a quick second. I am still not 100% sold on the idea of the display just yet, and really have my eye flirting with the rotary attachment first :blush:. But thank you kindly for reaching out.

I must admit for a small operation you and if you have anybody else working with/for you are flipping awesome and are on top of things if not better than, then at least equal to many other larger companies out there!! I am absolutely impressed and am already one of your newest loyal clients, and have yet to receive my first order lol :+1::+1: and much respect to you… All words of truth without any ulterior motive except to recognize your awesomeness and work

Thanks a million
Madison Rae


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