Is the hissing trinamic driver a problem?

Machine: K40
Board: C3D Laserboard

I installed the C3D laserboard last night and noticed the hissing. This forum was very helpful in finding an explanation being the trinamic driver. I was just wondering if this was considered to be a problem. Yes, it’s a little annoying when the room is quiet, but is this a symptom of something that will harm my machine prematurely?

Experience tells us that unusual mechanic noises = problem. Is this an exception to that rule? I’m happy to drown out the noise with the exhaust fan, water pump and air assist, I just don’t want to ignore it if it’s something that needs to be fixed.


Thanks for the reply, Ray. I read this FAQ last night on another post and it gave me the explanation for the noise, which was very helpful. I’m still wondering if this is a warning of something that is going to cause my stepper motors to burn out prematurely…

Short answer, nothing to worry about.


Mine have been hissing for almost a year and they’re still working just as strong as they were then. The noise is annoying, but when I have the machine on it’s the least of my noise worries as the stupid air assist compressor successfully and totally drowns it out.

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