Is it possible to reverse motor direction in config file?

Machine: Used to be a K40, long long ago
Board: Laserboard
Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: As in the title- is it possible to reverse the motor direction via the config file?

I should say that I’ve already resolved my problem by physically swapping the pins on the stepper motor connector, but is there a ‘better’ way to do it? I’ve tried searching the forums, and most of the results I’m seeing have been regarding homing, rather than motor direction. I didn’t see anything that leapt out at me as an ‘invert’ setting in the config file either.

The machine has been rebuilt to have a 600x400 cutting area, and using the stepper motor plugs (white JST connectors, one per motor) as they were when removed from the original controller board, my X axis was moving toward the homing point at the back left when jogging ‘positive’, and moving to the right when jogging ‘negative’ (i.e. towards zero on the LCD).

There is - find the line defining the direction pin for the axis in question and slap a ! in front of the pin definition, e.g, from the default config file:

alpha_dir_pin 0.5 # Pin for alpha stepper direction

change to

alpha_dir_pin 0.5! # Pin for alpha stepper direction

But really, swapping one pair of motor leads is an easy solution and the one I go to whenever I encounter this problem.

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