Interested in getting the Laserboard

Hi guys,

So, I’m very interested in getting a laserboard for my machine but I am not sure about the stepper motors and if I need something else except the board itself.

I have a SL-460 laser ( with 400 x 600 mm work area and electric table and Julong M2 Nano board

If it has regular stepper motors, it should work, even if you have to run individual cables to each one. Your other connections could be more of a concern, depending on how the board is setup… Do you have any photos of the existing controller and wire connections you can post?

Yes sure Jamie, the stepper motors seem to be in the range mentioned in the buying guide

I actually bought the C3D and it should arrive in 2 days or so. If you guys have any helpful comments on how to install it ghe right way I 'd appreciate it!

Besides plugging in the stepper motors, the C3D only needs the L (laser) and ground wire connected to it from the power supply to run the unit since it has its own power supply.

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