Installing mechanical endstops

Machine: _ k40 m2 nano

Controller:_ c3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _trying to install new mechanical endstops. Two wires running from end stops, attached them to 3 pin molex wires. One wire to x min/ one to gnd, one y min/gnd. Plugged them into my board. Power on and it moves y direction towards the top like it should but doesnt stop when it clicks the switch in

Have you performed the tests listed at:

I’ll give this a shot tomorrow. Thanks

This did help to a certain point. I had to remove the “y chip” that had the stepper and eye going to c3d mini via large ribbon cable. I got a stepper extension and went straight to the board. doing this plus the guide you provided helped. Needed to invert the alpha min and betamax with "!"s. Only issue now is I cant get grbl to work. It connects but the laser moves down to the left or right (cant recall) about a half an inch when it tries to home then just says ready. Tried removing the “!” And stuck them back in but it didnt do anything. They only register if I hold them down then let go which should have been solved with inverting but maybe theres something else to it

The switch wiring for both should be closed, then open when triggered.

It’s reverse of what you normally think a trigger switch should do.

I got ot figured out. $5 controls the pin it was at 1and needed to be $5=0. The config is only for smoothie. Grbl value is separate