Installing E stop button to the laserboard

Machine: K40

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I have a E-stop button installed in my K40 that

1: Has the waterlock guard loop through it, so when it is pressed it stops the laser from firing

2: Has the LPSU ac wiring through it, so when pressed it cuts power

3: The old controlboard I had was an arTaylor conversion kit, which had an estop header that would stop the laser job when you cut the power to that header, which the estop button did with a separate loop that only cut power to that header.

My question is how can I make the estop button work with the laserboard? Is it the same as the arTaylor, or is it signal based so it just needs the reverse? ie using the normally open contact on the estop?

Are you using the plugs on the rear of the machine for anything? You can plug the power cord for the LaserBoard into one of those and it will kill power to it when the AC is cut from your system.

Do you have photos of everything you that can upload? I’m curious to see how it’s all set up now.

The double yellow wire with duct tape on the end is the wire coming from the nc contact on the estop button.

Regarding outputs on the back we had to remove them because they were unsafe.

Rewiring of the unit is about the only way you can have it kill the power to the board when you hit the stop then. Due to safety and liability concerns, I can not advise you on how to perform mains wiring since deadly current exists. If, however, you are able to replace the rear outlets and conform to the stock routing, that may solve the problem. I recommend finding a licensed and insured electrician.

Rewiring as in replacing the nc module on the estop with a no module?

Edit: I have now done this and it works.

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