Initial Setup Problems

Machine: Ten-High (M2Nano)

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: Trying to set up my laser and I’m having no luck at all… brand new machine just getting it going for the first time. installed the laserboard first thing. At first I could get the laser to home using Lightburn, but thats it. And now it won’t even do that? Theres a “error: alarm lock” message in Lightburn.
I have a z table on this laser but no control wires I’ve located, appears to be purely manual by the switch but isn’t working.
I’m very new to this so I apologize if this is a stupid issue


Another thing…the LCD display on the laser and the temp screen do not turn on. I’m really hoping this laser isn’t screwed

Josh, did you confirm the machine worked before you replaced the original control board?

You’ll want to make sure you are starting with a fully functional laser.

We’d recommend you make sure the laser can fire, the controller can move the head, that it can successfully run a job, etc. as it arrived.

After about 2 hours of head scratching I’m ashamed to say…I had the E-Stop on.
I’m just getting back to the laser after a busy week but the Z-table, air and pump connections, lights are all working now. I know the controller will move the head from previous tests. So now it should be a normal setup.
One quick question, do you need to adjust the table size on the SD card (and how?), or is that set by Lightburn?

Actually, After working with it a bit, now only the X-Axis will home, the Y stays stationary. Lightburn is giving me this:
Starting stream

ALARM: Homing fail
On or near line 0:
Stream completed in 0:11
error:Alarm lock
error:Alarm lock
error:Alarm lock
error:Alarm lock

Yes. Make sure you follow all the instructions here to teach the board about the details of your machine:

I have the same laser system. Currently trying to setup the bed size and scale. Seems a little off.

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