Information needed on upgrade before laser purchase

I am considering purchasing a machine from ebay with these specs:
RECI W6 130W Co2 Laser 6445 Ruida controller / RD Works. Red and Black
Would like it to work via a mac and lightburn. Does anyone have any advice on the upgrade?
It comes with z axis motors and rotary attachment.
Thanks again! Appreciated !

Hi John,

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If this machine does have a Ruida controller, then it should work with LightBurn directly. The software is Mac OS compatible. Contact the seller to confirm the controller type, just to make sure.

You can get the free 30-day trial version of LightBurn, which is fully featured. When you’re ready to purchase your license, you will need the DSP version for $80. You simply plug in your License Key via the menu under Help > License Management.

Thanks for the reply Starla. I’m going to double check with the seller as they have stated that LightBurn would not work. Do all Ruida controllers work with LightBurn? I will check back in soon. Thanks again!

That’s interesting that they say it would not work. More information about Ruida controllers is listed on the LightBurn home page.

If you have any questions about our Cohesion3D controller, I’ll be happy to answer those specifically. Good luck with your quest!

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