Independent air assist and exhaust fan control not working

I have a K40 conversion (Layzor design) with a Cohesion Laser board. I’m just completing the setup and would like to have independent air assist and exhaust fan control as described in the setup guide. If I only have the air assist on pin 2.4. The M106/M017 commands work fine. Adding in the extra confuration to use pin 1.17 results in getting a switch in volvage on pin 1.17 with M3/M5 but pin 2.4 it stops working i.e. no voltage change on M106/107.

This is the change I have made to the config file per the setup guide.

Switch module for fan control true M106 # M107 # 2.4 #

New config for exhaust true M3 # M5 # 1.17 #board-configuration-and-setup

I’m slightly suspicious that the second setup configuration for 1.17 seem to “overwrite” the first for 2.4.
The issue is definitely with the setup in the config. As soon as I comment out the extra lines for the exhaust control, Air assist on pin 2.4 starts to work again and of course nothing on 1.17.

Any ideas?

Yeah, you can’t call the second one fan - change that name in each line to something else in your second block, like exhaust.

Thanks Ray. Makes sense. Was confused that the documentation used the same name in each block. It might help to change it there too

Just tested and happy to report it all works now.

Edited and working config entry now reads:

Switch module for fan control true M106 # M107 # 2.4 #

New config for exhaust

switch.exhaust.enable true
switch.exhaust.input_on_command M3 #
switch.exhaust.input_off_command M5 #
switch.exhaust.output_pin 1.17 #board-configuration-and-setup

Well, that’s definitely a good catch on your part. Thanks, done:

Glad to hear it.

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