I over-stripped a single wire on the K40 from Y-Axis + mech stop and now its too short reach the Laserboard

Machine: K40

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: So I was installing the Laserboard today when I pulled one of the wires from the 2468 cable that runs to the Y-Axis and its mechanical stop near the far corner of the chassis (standing in front of the K40).

Not being entirely sure what to do, I tried finding the wiring online but you have order thousands of meters of, and that made it very cost ineffective. I found what I believe is a suitable replacement wire that wasn’t nearly as expensive and found on Amazon.

After reading in the forums, I think I can replace the functionality of that Y-Axis with an external stepper motor. Correct me if I am wrong.

From the store, I ordered 2 external stepper motors (this is now turning into an extension of the Laserboard upgrade project), mechanical swicthes plus spares, and a connector pack.

Is this a reasonable solution? Feedback solicited!

I did not provide pictures because anyone here can picture what an over-stripped cable looks like and where each side connects.

Thank you!

Hi Shmuel,

What type of motors do you have installed on your machine? The external stepper drivers are typically only needed if you are using heftier motors, like Nema 23 stepper motors. This would probably be overkill as a solution unless you plan to upgrade further in the future.

You should be able to replace or splice the wire from your original stepper motors with the same gauge stranded wire, typically somewhere around 24 - 26AWG and protect it with heat shrink. While we would love to send you more goodies, you could get an entire box of wire with the matching heat shrink included and they are relatively inexpensive (less than doing all of this).

Let us know if you need to make any adjustments to your order.

Hi @Starla! Thanks for your reply! I have the stock motors on the machine but I would like to add a Z-Axis/rotary one day.

As for upgrading, I’m always doing that (what fun it can be!) I am intruiged by an entire box of wire and matching heat shrink, but where?

It sounds like what I could have “gotten away with” but I am getting something better out of this.

Do you know if I use the external steppers, will they replace what’s there and in place or will I need to swap out the stock stepper and replace with the one of the two I ordered? (If so, I’d like to use the external steppers for X & Y if I can)

I want to attach some photos just incase they help, but I am told I’m too new…

As for the orders, you can feel free to combine them however makes sense, or not at all!

Thank you so very much!

Attached are the pictures for review!!

Hi Shmuel,

Thank you for the photo. I want to clarify some things because you may not need all of the items you ordered, so I want more information.

Those wires and that connector are for the endstops and will need to be repaired independently. It sounds like you possibly found some wire on Amazon to correct the over stripped wire to the endstops already? Please confirm.

The boxes of wire I mentioned with the shrink wrap can also be found there.

The stepper drivers and 4 wire connector packs are not needed to correct the pictured wire. You can splice the damaged wire with 26AWG, protect it with heat shrink (or separate and replace that damaged wire), and connect the end to the crimp pin in the connector.

Alternatively, you can replace the endstops with the limit switches we carry (which I think is what you were wanting to do, please confirm). If that’s the case, you would need the limit switches and connector pack, so you are good there. Instructions to connect are here: Installing Limit Switches

Then you would need long wires to connect the Y axis stepper motor to the LaserBoard directly (no external driver needed). Do you have a Y connector? You can also wire directly into the screw terminal.


What you ordered are the drivers for the motors, not the motors themselves (we do not currently have any motors stocked). The stepper motor connects to the external driver. See the wiring schematic here, where the stepper is connected to the lower screw terminal block: Connecting External Stepper Drivers

These drivers are only needed if the motor you connect to it (on the right) is a stronger motor, like a Nema 23. The stock motors that come on most laser machines are Nema 17 and do not require external drivers, so they can be hooked directly into the respective axis for the LaserBoard on-board drivers, in most cases.

External Stepper Driver Stepper Motor
image image

If you buy a Z table or Rotary pre-made, they usually come with the stepper motor pre-installed or have the stepper motors as an add on, depending on who you purchase from. If you’re building your own, you would need to buy them from another retailer online.

The LaserBoard on-board drivers support Z table with the Z axis and rotary with the A axis right out of the box. They do not require external drivers unless you are using big stepper motors, like I mentioned previously.

Having said all of this, do you still want the external drivers and 4 pack connectors?

I’m pretty sure I’d like my z axis rotary from you all because I think you have quite a complementary product ecosystem, assuming they’re around when I’m ready for one (might also help make today’s decision.)

I’d like to keep things as simple as possible to fix what I broke, so if I have things on order I don’t need to do that, then I would say don’t send them. I am pretty sure I’m going to need the connector pack and please do include the limit switches.

You asked about the wiring and I have other uses for it so I’ll keep it anyway, but for the shrink-wrapped boxes of wire, this was ordered here.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Shmuel. Those wires look fine. We will reach out via email to make arrangements.

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