I have an 80 watt ts 4060 Chinese laser

I just installed a Cohesion 3d in my TS 4060 and am using Lightburn with Smoothie.
I am having a number of issues.
When I turn on the machine, it homes normally.
When I frame a 5" by 7-3/4 project, it bounces off the left, top and bottom rails.
When I set the origin and frame, a second time it finds a different origin.
It rasters in reverse image.
When it cuts lines, it changes it’s coordinates as it cuts garbling up the cut to different places in the material.
I have the home set in Lightburn as the top left, but, I have tried all four locations. If I set the home origin at the top right (which is a wrong setting) the raster image stops being reversed, but it still bounces off the rails if I try framing.
I have tried every setting imaginable in Lightburn and don’t see any improvements.
I suspect I could be having some of my problems in the G-code, but where?

Hi Dale, Thanks for posting to the forum.

We recommend you start with our LaserBoard Getting Started Guide:

If you go through all of the steps and linked documents there, and still have issues, come back to the forum and we’ll try to help you get things sorted out.